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We are a commercial waste collection company based in Leicester. Our trucks collect waste from all types of businesses.

As well as a reliable waste collections service, we offer:

  1. Free bins – we supply the bins for free, so you only pay for collections. This helps to keep your waste management costs as low as possible.
  2. Free quotes for all waste collections within 1hr. Contact us today to discuss your needs and obtain an instant quote for our services.
  3. We handle all types of commercial waste. You can use us for contractual wheelie bins and one-off collections.
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    We collect 1100, 660 and 360-litre wheelie bins and pre-paid waste bags for all kinds of businesses. Every business generates waste, no matter how hard they might try not to. We work with our clients to ensure their general waste is collected promptly and efficiently by providing the right bins.

  • Mixed Recycling

    Most businesses generate a significant amount of paper, cardboard, metal, cans, and other recyclable plastic waste. TradeWaste is ready to collect and process your mixed recycling, ensuring that as much of it as possible is turned back into useful resources and materials. We will also ensure you have the tight recycling containers on-site.

  • Cardboard Recycling

    Cardboard is one of the most common recyclable materials most businesses handle. It is used as a packaging material within most businesses. In any case, it is one of the most easily recyclable materials that most businesses regularly handle. All you need to do is remember to dispose of it properly.

  • Food Waste

    Businesses that routinely produce or handle food need to take extra care to ensure they dispose of it properly. Sending your food waste to landfill will incur a heavy tax. Using a business like ours to handle and provide containers for your food waste will save you money and improve efficiency.

  • Glass Recycling

    Glass is easily recyclable; it shouldn't be expensive for businesses to recycle the glass waste they generate. But inefficient glass costs far more to recycle than it needs to. We can help you to choose the most appropriate containers and delivery schedule to collect the glass waste your business generates.

  • Prepaid Waste Bags

    Pre-paid waste bags are a fantastic waste management tool for businesses of all sizes. Smaller businesses will benefit from the flexibility this option offers; only using as many bags as they need. Larger businesses will benefit from the additional capacity they provide on top of on-site storage solutions like skips and bins.

  • Green & Construction Waste

    Construction businesses generate a variety of waste materials. Over the years, the industry has got better at recycling these materials when possible. Modern construction sites always produce waste material, but proper waste management processes minimise the amount that ends up in a landfill. We can help you recycle as much as possible.

  • Clinical Waste & Washrooms

    Every business has a legal obligation to provide washroom services to their staff. Businesses that allow hygiene standards to slide in their washroom facilities can potentially face significant sanctions as a result. We can help you ensure your washrooms and clinical areas are kept as clean and sterile as possible.

  • Sharps Bins

    If your business handles any medical or biologically hazardous waste, such as tattoo parlours, our sharps bins provide the specialist disposal you need. Failing to dispose of biohazard waste correctly can have serious repercussions. We will ensure you have the right disposal methods and bins for your business.

  • Hazardous Waste

    Hazardous waste includes aerosols and batteries, which can explode under the right circumstances. It also encompasses solvents, paints, and waste oils, which can be hazardous if they are mishandled or unintentionally inhaled. Our hazardous waste bins will ensure that any hazardous waste your business produces is disposed of correctly.

How can we help?

Wheelie BinsContact us today for your business waste management needs.
Our commercial waste disposal service offers numerous benefits to our clients:

1. You never pay for bins – we provide them free of charge.
2. Before you commit to using our services, we will provide you with a quote, so you know how much it will cost you. We will never ambush you with unexpected charges.
3. No matter what kind of waste your business produces, we are ready to help you manage your waste legally and efficiently.

Our low-cost commercial waste management service is a cut above the competition. We are dedicated to providing all our clients with the best possible service tailored to their individual business needs. Not only will we ensure all your waste is collected and disposed of properly, but we also guarantee compliance with the latest laws and regulations.

How TradeWaste can help your business:

  • Nationwide commercial waste collection services
  • Recycling collections
  • Waste solutions tailored to commercial clients
  • Free quotes available within 24 hours of making an enquiry
  • Friendly and reliable customer service available whenever you need it

Call or email us today to discuss your business’s waste management needs and obtain a free quote for our services

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