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Waste Management & Wheelie Bins in Manchester

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Free Bin Featured ImageWe are your partner for commercial waste management in Manchester.

We offer a comprehensive range of waste management services for the healthcare, hospitality, retail, construction and manufacturing sectors, and because we tailor our services to meet waste volumes, we can support companies of all sizes.

Our services include general waste removal contracts along with more specialised services such as recycling, clinical waste removal, cardboard collection, glass collection, food waste removal and more.

So no matter what type of commercial waste services your company requires we can provide the support you need.

Commercial Waste Disposal in Manchester

We were founded to fill a gap in the market for providing low-cost professional waste management services for companies in the Greater Manchester area. We could see that existing companies could not provide the level of support that today’s companies need to remain compliant with an ever-increasing range of regulations.

We take the hassle out of compliance by providing the waste management services needed to operate within the law. To do this we have structured developed a comprehensive range of services each of which can be tailored to the type and volume of waste your business generates.

Our team of waste management professionals are also available to support your business. We can help you prepare for upcoming regulation changes that affect your industry. And audit your current waste management services to ensure regulatory compliance and efficiency is maintained across all areas.

Wheelie Bins#1 Waste Management Companies in Manchester

We provide a complete range of commercial waste management services to companies of all sizes. Each service can be supplied on its own or combined with others to create a complete waste management system for your business.

We can also tailor each service to meet the volume needs of your company.

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Waste Management Services
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Waste Removals
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  • Hazardous Waste
  • General Waste

    We provide general waste collection services across Manchester. All general waste contracts come with a FREE bin so you only pay for collection. A wide range of bins is available including 360, 660, 1100 litres. Collections can also be scheduled to suit your needs with daily, weekly or fortnightly collections available.

  • Mixed Recycling

    We offer mixed recycling for cardboard, paper, plastic and tin cans. A range of containers is available to help sort recycled material before collection. We also supply containers FREE of charge for contracts so you only pay for collection. Bin sizes and collections can also be tailored to meet the needs of your company.

  • Cardboard Recycling

    Scheduled cardboard collections are available across the Greater Manchester area. We can handle cardboard volumes of all sizes and offer daily weekly or fortnightly collections. A range of containers and bins can also be supplied from 360 to 1100 litres along with balers for larger volumes.

  • Food Waste Bins

    We provide food waste collections to commercial kitchens across the Manchester area. All food waste contracts are supplied with 240 litres sealed bins which help to ensure food waste is stored safely. We can then arrange for daily, weekly or fortnightly collections depending on the volume of food waste your business creates.

  • Glass Recycling

    A complete range of glass collection services is available to the hospitality and food trade. We provide a FREE 240-360 litre bin with all glass collection contracts. And collections can be arranged on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on the volume of glass you generate.

  • Prepaid Waste Bags

    Prepaid waste bags are perfect for businesses which don’t generate high volumes of waste, or don’t have space for a traditional wheelie bin. Our prepaid waste bag service is also a completely flexible solution because no long-term contract is required and collections can be arranged as and when you need them.

  • Green & Construction Waste

    We can arrange one-off collections for green and construction waste. We can collect all types of construction waste including cement, concrete, timber, plasterboard and masonry. We can also liaise with your chosen contractor to ensure efficient waste removal throughout the project.

  • Clinical Waste & Washrooms

    We provide sanitary bin servicing, nappy disposal and clinical waste removal services across Manchester. All our clinical and washroom services are provided with FREE bins for safe storage of clinical waste and collections can be scheduled to meet the needs of your business.

  • Sharps Bins

    Sharps bin collections are available across the Manchester area. We provide sharp bins of various sizes suitable for all types of healthcare facilities including hospitals, dental surgeries, doctors surgeries and care homes. We can also provide specialist solutions to beauty salons and tattoo parlours.

  • Hazardous Waste

    We are licensed to remove all types of hazardous waste such as aerosols, batteries, paint, solvent and lubricants. All hazardous waste contracts are supplied with FREE containers to help keep hazardous waste secure. Collections can also be scheduled at a time that suits you.

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