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Millions of Tonnes of Online Purchases are Sent to Landfill as Brexit Red Tape Causes Chaos


Shipping and red tape costs mean that online retailers are sending returns to landfill rather than bring them back into the UK from EU customers – as an environmental disaster is created by Brexit. “It …

Health & Safety Nightmare as Dumped Face Masks Blight the UK


Litter pickers across the UK are reporting a huge increase in the number of dumped contaminated disposable face masks being spotted during their patrols, as the number of single use masks used in the UK …

Christmas waste in numbers – 300,000 tonnes of waste chucked out this week


The staggering amount of waste generated at Christmas can be finally revealed, with a total of 302,913 tonnes of waste being dumped this week alone, as bins are filled to the brim. “Even with a …

Campaign to Ban Single Use Face Masks Launched


The UK will consume 19.2 billion single non-recyclable face masks in 2021. Most of these will be sent to landfill, the weight equivalent of 5 Eiffel Towers, and some will end up in watercourses causing …

PETITION: Ban the sale of disposable face masks to the general public


If face mask wearing is mandatory throughout 2021 then the UK will send 19.2 billion single use face masks to landfill. 53m a day are sent to landfill This is 371 million a week Or …

Ditch your Disposable Face Mask and save £190 in 2021


A simple face mask “hack” of swapping disposable single use face masks for washable ones will save the average person £190 in 2021 – and reduce the amount of non-recyclable masks being send to landfill …

20,000 tonnes of single use face masks will be dumped in landfill by March


The amount of single use face masks that cannot be recycled in the UK will hit 6.3 billion in the 4 months to March weighing an incredible 20,000 tonnes – leading to claims that the …

53 million disposable face masks sent to landfill every single day


The UK is binning an incredible 53,000,000 disposable face masks every single day, with reports that many face masks are ending up being carelessly discarded in the street ending up in streams and rivers. If …

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