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Waste Oil Collection

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If your company produces waste oil you must dispose of the oil and recycle it in line with current legislation.

Failure to comply with strict environmental regulations regarding the disposal of waste oil can lead to large fines and lasting damage to your reputation.

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At TradeWaste, we can arrange for the collection and recycling of a range of waste oils from the industrial, transportation and hospitality industries. As one of the UK’s leading waste oil collection companies we can handle all the paperwork, you are free to focus on your business instead of worrying about compliance issues.

Types of Waste Oil We Collect

Waste Oil CollectionWe can manage the collection and recycling of the following types of waste oil:

Waste Engine Oil

We can arrange a scheduled weekly or monthly collection of waste engine oil for the motor trade and transport sectors. Alternatively, we can arrange one-off collections when you need it. Waste engine oil is removed and recycled to be turned into fuel oil to fire chemical plants and industrial kilns.

Waste Cooking Oil

Companies which produce waste vegetable/cooking oil (WVO) have a responsibility to ensure it is recycled in line with current legislation. TradeWaste can remove and recycle WVOs in the correct manner. During collection, we issue you with a ‘Duty of Care’ note which you need for auditing purposes.

Medium and Light Fuel Oils

Contaminated or waste fuel oils need to be removed and recycled in line with current legislation to help to prevent environmental damage. We can arrange for the collection and recycling of all medium and light fuel oils by a registered contractor. The oil is then recycled where it is turned into new fuel products.


Kerosene often used as heating oil, can be easily contaminated by moisture. This leads to accelerated biological growth, which causes heating boilers to fail. Contaminated Kerosene, therefore, needs to be removed and recycled carefully to prevent environmental damage. TradeWaste provides a range of contaminated heating oil recovery and recycling options.

Waste Oil Recycling

Every year more than 200 million gallons of waste oil are improperly disposed of around the world. Most of this oil could be reused and turned into fuel oil to power industrial plants and kilns helping to conserve the planet’s resources.

Why use Us?

At TradeWaste we recycle all types of waste oil from used cooking oil to contaminated heating oil. 100% of this oil is then cleaned and reprocessed for use by industry.

For more information about the recycling processes we use for your waste oil products, get in touch with our friendly customer service team on 0800 955 6011.

  • No job too large or small: We can arrange collection and recycling for all volumes of waste oil, from a single drum to a large waste tank. 100% of the waste oil removed is recycled using licensed reprocessing plants where it is turned into new fuel oils.
  • Nationwide coverage: We have partnered with some of the UK’s most respected and experienced waste oil processing companies. This allows us to provide a complete range of waste oil removal services across the UK.
  • We can arrange collection within 1 working day: Our local approach means we only need one day’s notice to arrange collection for all waste oil products. Give us a call today and we’ll arrange a collection tomorrow. So now there is no excuse for not remaining compliant with the law.
  • One-off or scheduled service: We can arrange a one-off or scheduled collection of waste oil across the UK. Collections can be arranged during office hours at a time that suits you. We can also tailor our service to meet the demands of your business. This is particularly useful if your business is seasonal.
  • We manage all compliance paperwork for you: We manage the entire collection and removal process including inspection, collection and compliance for all waste oil products. We’ll also ensure all relevant paperwork is completed and provide you with a duty of care notice should one be required.

Get in touch for a FREE quote

To obtain a FREE quote for your waste oil removal, get in touch with our friendly service team by calling 0800 955 6011. Alternatively, complete the contact form here and one of our team will get back to you within 1 working day.

If you would like more information about our range of waste oil collection services don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to answer any questions you have about our service or the processes we use for disposal and recycling.

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