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Waste Cooking Oil Collection

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If you produce waste cooking oil as part of your regular business operations then you are duty-bound to dispose of it in line with current waste disposal regulations.

Failure to dispose of waste oil correctly can lead to pollution, heavy fines and lasting damage to your reputation.

You must therefore NEVER pour waste oil down the drain, this causes them to become blocked and can pollute watercourses and rivers endangering wildlife. Blocked drains also generate unpleasant smells and can lead to an increase in vermin, both of which are bad for business.

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While disposing of waste cooking oil along with other food or kitchen waste is also prohibited due to the risk of spillage and pollution. Waste cooking oil should also not be taken to civic amenity sites for disposal. Such sites are not designed for commercial waste and doing so could render the entire contents of a skip unsuitable for recycling.

It is therefore important that you arrange for your waste cooking oil to be collected for recycling by a licensed waste contractor.

Benefits of recycling waste cooking oil

  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Easy to manage for owners and staff
  • Eliminates the risk of blocked pipes
  • Helps you manage your waste and recycling in line with current legislation
  • Provides a low-cost renewable energy source
  • Helps to create new jobs in the biofuels and manufacturing sector
  • Helps to support an environmentally sustainable economy

Why choose us for your waste cooking oil collection?

Nationwide service: We provide waste cooking oil collections across the UK using a team of fully vetted and licensed contractors. This allows us to support companies of all sizes from national restaurant chains to independent cafes.

Fully insured and licensed: TradeWaste holds an upper tier waste carrier licence which allows us to remove and transport all types of food waste legally. All contractors used by TradeWaste to remove and dispose of waste cooking oil are also vetted to ensure they are licensed.

FREE waste transfer notes: There is a legal obligation for all companies to obtain a Waste Transfer Note from any contractor they use to collect and dispose of their waste. TradeWaste provides FREE waste transfer notes to all our customers.

100% recycle rate: We recycle 100% of the waste cooking oil we collect. All waste is collected before being taken to one of three reprocessing plants across the UK. The oil is then cleaned and filtered before being sent for reuse.

Collections arranged to meet the needs of your company: We can tailor our service to meet the needs of your company with daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly collections. We can also increase the frequency of collections during busy periods so you are never left in the lurch.

Excellent customer service: TradeWaste is one of the UK’s fastest-growing waste management companies. We have built our business on the back of providing waste management services today’s businesses need, all backed by high standards of customer service.

What happens to your cooking oil once it has been collected?

Waste cooking oil is a key ingredient in several industrial processes which means there is a high demand for the product. So there is absolutely no reason to dispose of waste cooking oil by pouring it down the drain.

At TradeWaste we have developed several processes to recycle 100% of the waste cooking oil we collect. Once your oil has been collected it is taken to one of three oil processing sites across the UK where it is depacked, heated, cleaned and filtered to remove any impurities. Once this process is complete the oil is ready for use again.

The waste oil is then used to power industrial furnaces, as a lubricant and releasing agent. It is also a key ingredient for animal feed and bitumen based products and can be used to make soap and hand cleaners. So don’t pour your waste cooking oil down the drain, arrange for it to be collected and recycled by TradeWaste today.

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Alternatively, if you would like to know more about the range of waste management services we provide for the food and service sector, get in touch with our customer service team today. We provide a complete suite of services including food waste removal, recycling and waste oil collection.

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